Community Renewable Energy

Everyone deserves access to clean, affordable power. That’s why Community Renewable Energy helps community groups, nonprofits, governments and mission-driven organizations across the nation find their customized solar power solution.

At Community Renewable Energy, we:

  • Shrink your energy bill and carbon footprint. We develop innovative solar power systems that deliver in every climate and community, then tailor them to fit your needs, so you enjoy low, predictable energy costs.
  • Shoulder costs of solar power through extensive financial expertise and customized Green Campaigns that can offset 100% of expenses. You provide the site, sunlight, and insight, while we customize, install, and maintain your system.
  • Support your organization’s sustainable growth, because when you free up operating expenses, you can focus on your mission.

As a member of Praxia Partners, we believe in sustainable growth for every community.

Community Renewable Energy Provides

You Share Your

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