10 Power Africa updates

Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, and Tanzania are poised to revolutionize their energy sector in conjunction with the Power Africa initiative. Community Renewable Energy believes that renewable energy can transform the lives of millions of people, and we celebrate the nations’ progress. Here’s a round-up of the latest news.

  1. Community Renewable Energy backs Power AfricaGhana will soon add a 40-megawatt solar installation. (Vibe Ghana)
  2. Solar-powered traffic lights will make Ghana’s roads safer. Frequent power outages wreak havoc on traffic, and “according to the Director of the Department of Urban Roads, Mr. Abass Awolu, ‘the system can work for two days even when there is no sunshine and the cost of maintenance is also very low. ‘” (Ghana Web)
  3. Those frequent power outages are getting old, and Ghana is committed to ensuring that all of its citizen have access to power. Spy Ghana writes:

    The government’s major energy policy now is to achieve universal access to electric power by 2020. It has, therefore, planned to increase the total electricity production to 5,000 megawatts by that time. There is therefore the need for the government to look for other sources of generating power besides hydro and gas. To fill the 3,000 megawatts demand, the government is encouraging the private sector to enter into partnership with the public sector in the generation of more power to satisfy the ever-increasing demand.

  4. Ethiopia is embracing off-grid power. (Devex)
  5. Speaking of off-grid solutionsShari Berenbach, President and CEO of the US African Development Foundation explained,“It has everything to do with serving a new generation of technology and new approaches to delivering energy to rural communities. But we’re not just looking at individual solar panels on people’s homes. In other instances there might be mini-grids that are connecting many households and schools and clinics and jobs.” (AFK Insider)
  6. In a move applauded by solar power advocates, Kenya has nixed plans to tax solar power, which means that low-income households will have a better opportunity to benefit from renewables. (Business Green)
  7. Women are powering the solar revolution in rural Tanzania. (All Africa)
  8. Tanzania is utilizing solar-powered, mobile water filtration systems. (Giz Mag)
  9. Solar power is helping Tanzania’s schools shine. (All Africa)
  10. Students in rural Kenya are benefiting from off-grid solar. Christian Science Monitor writes:

[A]t Leleno’s school, the sun is an ally. The government’s Energy Regulatory Commission, in collaboration with partners, has installed solar panels on the school’s rooftops. The electricity generated ensures that Leleno can study well into the evening. “After school I would join my age mates to go and take care of livestock,” recalls the 12-year-old. “I now spend part of the evening doing homework at school. This was not possible at home.”

To learn more about Power Africa and the continent’s emerging energy sector, check out:

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