5 shared solar updates

Community Renewable Energy believes in the power of shared solar, which is growing in popularity in the US and abroad. Here’s some of the latest news about the shared solar revolution from across the nation.

  1. Joe Recchie's Community Renewable Energy on Ohio's net metering policyCommunity-owned solar continues to gain momentum in the Midwest. This month, Tipmont, Indiana began exploring its shared solar options.
  2. Minnesota is adding to its solar farm capacity. Meanwhile, places of worship in the state are embracing community solar by partnering with local shared solar groups. “Nothing’s quite like a congregation,” said Pastor Tim Johnson. “The personal investment people have (in nonprofits) isn’t quite the same as communities of faith have. Churches are perfect for getting that clean energy message out.”
  3. Jefferson County in Colorado is a leader in solar adoption– in large part thanks to the state’s shared solar legislation. According to Solar Gardens Institute, “Lakewood, the county’s biggest city, has installed more than 5,264 kilowatts of solar energy just since 2010 through 719 separate solar projects. The city also purchased 274 more kilowatts of solar energy over a 20-year period from a Community Solar Garden built by Clean Energy Collective in Golden.”
  4. Hawaiians without rooftops that are PV-friendly can capitalize on their state’s sunny climes with new community-owned opportunities.
  5. Schools also benefit from the shared solar revolution. In San Juan, for example, schools are enjoying the budget-saving benefits of solar power. “By investing in solar energy, we are lowing [sic] utility costs for our schools,” said Janet Brownell, President of the Orcas Island Education Foundation. “That means more money for our classrooms and students. But it is not only about saving money, it is also about education for our students. What a win-win proposition.
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