Allies in Solar: SOPEC

There are folks all over the United States that are pondering the same question:
When fossil fuel energy is so heavily subsidized, how can we provide renewable energy today at the same cost as carbon based power with little to no subsidization? 

We love meeting and collaborating with others pondering the same questions as us. And we are energized by working with like-minded, innovative and inclusive partners towards our shared missions! After one conversation with the folks at the Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council and Green Schools Initiative in Athens County, Ohio, it was obvious that we had found more allies in our quest!

Joe Recchie, CRE and Roger Wilkens, SOPEC sharing ideas about solar in Columbus, Ohio

Joe Recchie, CRE and Roger Wilkens, SOPEC sharing ideas about solar in Columbus, Oh

SOPEC is a council of governments that are combining the pooled purchase power of Athens County to acquire reasonably priced electricity and other energy services. Particularly exciting is a special project of SOPEC – the UpGrade Athens County – a green schools initiative that aims to increase sustainability of Athens County public schools.

The Green Schools Initiative members are conducting energy audits of the school buildings to create customized action plans that will increase energy efficiency and integrate renewable energy into their energy profiles. The Initiative intends to create collaborative and cooperative solar arrays that can offset the school’s energy costs and drastically reduce energy costs.

Southeast Ohio communities are creating exciting and innovative approaches to solar and CRE will support it in every way we can!

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