Bright future for Granville’s Solar Farm Co-op

The Solar Farm Co-opThis week, the Solar Farm Co-op unveiled its web site, designed to empower community groups to explore shared solar power.

Community Renewable Energy is proud to partner with the Licking County, Ohio-based co-op to establish a community-owned solar array and learning center.

In the Solar Farm Co-op model, members own shares of a community solar installation. The solar array is established on a host site, and the host pays members for power produced. Meanwhile, members enjoy a return on investment while reducing their carbon footprint and supporting clean energy. Community Renewable Energy is helping the Solar Farm Co-op navigate finance and will manage and maintain the solar power system.

The Solar Farm Co-op is the latest example of the growing shared solar movement, which empowers people to invest in and support renewable energy without installing residential arrays of their own. The community-owned model encourages diverse membership and boosts America’s energy independence and energy democracy, allowing everyone to have a say in their local power production and to enjoy access to clean, affordable energy.

The Solar Farm Co-op describes their early days and their plans for the future:

We envision our Solar Farm Co-op and learning center becoming an asset to our entire community, and we aim to promote shared solar and help other groups across the nation achieve their solar power dreams.

In the summer and fall of 2013, while determining the logistics of our community project, we began considering ways to make our sun farm even more community-centered. We asked ourselves: how can we infuse our project with the unique personality of our area? Granville is home to four public schools and Denison University, a liberal arts and sciences college founded in 1831, so incorporating education is a natural fit. Granville, Newark, and neighboring towns are also home to many thriving independent businesses, so we look forward to partnering with local enterprises that share our values and goals.

We’re pleased to be able to help this group of committed environmentalists find their solar solution. Contact us to learn more about how to establish a community solar project of your own. 

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