Kenyon College and CRE partner on solar Farm installation

Recently, Ohio’s Kenyon College and Community Renewable Energy launched an exciting pilot project for installing solar power at the Kenyon Farm.

Students from the college are working on the project, future students will benefit from the hands-on learning experience the installation offers, and a current Kenyon student, Zach Sawecki, is a part of the Community Renewable Energy team.

Sawecki and Joe Recchie, our CEO and founder, have also recently proposed an opportunity for the village of Gambier to save money and go green by creating its own solar installation. Our proposal points to 3.7 acres in and around the area’s water treatment facility as a possible location for the panels, as the facility is one of the village’s largest consumers of energy.

Through our expertise in innovative financing, the solar installation wouldn’t cost the community or community members any extra in rates or development.

We at Community Renewable Energy are passionate about helping communities and institutions improve sustainability– while reducing costs– and about removing financial barriers to enjoying the many benefits of clean, reliable solar energy.

Learn more about our work— and stay tuned for updates on these and other exciting projects!

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