Empowering nonprofits with solar technology

Instead of donating cash, we can support nonprofits by helping them invest in budget-saving solar power technology.

We at Community Renewable Energy are dedicated to empowering nonprofits by helping them access clean, affordable energy. Energy-intensive nonprofits, such as food banks, thrive when their budgets are freed from the ever-increasing cost of traditional sources of electricity. As solar becomes more and more popular, more nonprofits are exploring their energy options.

Mission-driven organizations deserve to focus on their raison d’être. By installing solar panels, nonprofits see immediate and long-term returns on their investment.

A plethora of innovations facilitate the nonprofit solar revolution. For instance, Power Purchase Agreements allow a third-party to own an maintaining the solar power installation, while the nonprofit host reaps the benefits. As Lee Barken explains:

Perhaps the biggest challenge for nonprofits that want to install solar energy systems is that a variety of tax laws have created a perverse disincentive where donations to buy solar panels actually hurt the nonprofit. Since renewable energy projects are incentivized through the tax code, every dollar donated to a tax-exempt organization in support of a solar project immediately suffers a tax consequence that cuts the value of the donation nearly in half.

Grist recently published a great summary of why solar power is more popular than ever. Solar prices have never been more affordable, and it seems as though every week brings us news of the amazing flexibility of solar technology.

How can your nonprofit– or your favorite nonprofit– benefit from going solar?Contact Community Renewable Energy today to find a solar solution.

Here are a few more stories about solar innovation that inspire us:

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