Energy Fair turns 24

temporaryThe success of Energy Fair proves that the Midwest has a huge interest in renewable energy and sustainable living. The festival, located in Custer, Wisconsin, is expected to draw 20,000 participants over the next several days.

Topics will range from solar and wind power to homemade paint to backyard “bio-digesters” (described by Greg David as “a tool to convert waste products — anything that would rot — into bio-gas and wonderful fertilizer.”)

Recently, the New York Times discussed the appeal of the three-day gathering. From the June 19th article by Michael Tortello:

The overarching theme is what marketers call “sustainable living,” and these days it hardly qualifies as a kooky pursuit. Many of the fair’s longtime commercial exhibitors, manufacturers of solar-energy technology or rainwater harvesting kits, could now find a home at the Home Depot.

For more information about Energy Fair, check out their website, complete with a workshop guide and introductions to the keynote speakers.

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