Mapping Solar Parity in the US

Originally published in Developing Green Communites.

At what point will it be cheaper for Americans to use solar over traditional electricity? What is that tipping point? John Farrell over at Energy Self Reliant States has mapped out a prediction of the solar grid growth over the next 20+ years. The map illustrates the path of solar parity or when solar electricity is less expensive than traditional energy production.

The analysis assumed that the cost of solar will decrease 7% a year and that grid electricity prices will increase by 2% a year. They also used the average residential rate for the core city of the metropolitan area for the calculation, and used the cost of solar in 2011 as the starting point- ($4.00 per Watt).

Check out the map for yourself, but their conclusion is good news for the solar fan- by 2018, it will be cheaper for 1 in 6 Americans living in major metropolitan areas to choose solar energy over traditional power!

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