Solar energy powers community radio in Ghana

Ghana will soon move ahead on plans to power Radio Peace through solar power.

We at Community Renewable Energy have long supported the efforts of African nations adopting solar power. We loved hearing about this story– solar powering community radio 24/7. What if radio stations here in America followed its lead?

According to Spy Ghana:

A 12,000-Pound Solar Power Project, initiated by the management of Radio Peace, a  Station based in Winneba, has been commissioned.

It is the first Community Radio Station in the country to have adopted such useful energy system to buttress its desire to provide cherished listeners nationwide with credible and uninterrupted service.

According to Mr. Ghartey-Tagoe, the Solar Power supply facility is an automatic change over, that monitors Solar Power and the National Grid (ECG) and affords Solar Power for the station to operate 24 hours non-stop, only by changing over to ECG in times of inadequate sunshine.

Mr. Ghartey-Tagoe said the acquisition of the Solar Power supply system for the station is particularly an important gain now, considering the erratic electricity supply system in the country.

“We can now generate our own source of electricity through Solar Panels potentially enabling us to be on air even during ECG outages” The Chief Advisor added.

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