Solar power savings? There’s an app for that

Onyx Solar just released a free app for your smartphone (android or iPhone). This cool new app allows you to calculate the energy produced by a photovoltaic installation, the hours of light generated, CO2 emissions avoided and even the distance traveled by an electric car with the energy generated by the PV installation.

Sure this app is fun for those of us with PV panels installed- we can budget, estimate, show off our energy production and money savings. But one of the best things about this cool new tool, is that you don’t need an installed system to use the app. You plug in the chosen technology, and details about the area you have in mind, and it will calculate the potential energy production.

This app can be used to compare products, estimate savings, and illustrate in numbers exactly how much energy you can produce with renewable energy.  Everyone from consumers, to producers to advocates and educators could use this app to add to discussions of renewable energy production.

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