For Your Nonprofit

Solar Empowerment

Now is the timeFree your organization from burdensome overhead expenses, and show your donors, funders, and volunteers that you embrace green ingenuity. With Community Renewable Energy’s Green Campaign and solar power systems, your nonprofit will:

  • Free your budget from volatile, steep utility rates
  • Strengthen your organization by reinvesting savings
  • Benefit from solar power without startup or maintenance costs, thanks to your Green Campaign
  • Raise your profile through your green leadership

Real Enviro BenefitsCustomized Financing for Customized Technology

We create a unique Green Campaign that drives project costs to zero, so you can reach your economic and ecological goals.

Your Green Campaign enhances traditional capital campaign strategies with innovative fundraising, such as crowdfunding. Your project accrues support from those who believe in your mission and introduces backers of renewable energy to your nonprofit.

Your Green Campaign is:

  • Streamlined, uniting fundraising and finance
  • Customized and developed in collaboration with your organization to support your mission
  • Transparent, so you and your funders can track your project’s progress every step of the way

Our Record of Success with Nonprofits

For decades, principals of Community Renewable Energy have dedicated themselves to the sustainable growth of nonprofits, partnering with dozens of organizations across the nation and establishing an impressive track record of managing complex projects, multiple incentives, grants, loans, and regulations.

As a Praxia Partners initiative, we’re dedicated to helping nonprofits meet their needs and the needs of their community through sustainable development and economic growth. Every Praxia Partners project is guided by the triple bottom line of social equity, prosperity, and environmental stewardship.

In the same way that a plant coverts sunlight into energy, your growing nonprofit can harness natural resources in order to flourish and establish stronger, deeper roots in your community.

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