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Solar Panels at Georgetown University Spur Neighborhood Equity

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Root + Branch to initiate the largest project in our Neighborhood Solar Equity program with Georgetown University.  Together, we are set to install 1.1 mW on Georgetown’s campus, making it one … Continue reading

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Nonprofits shine thanks to solar

Today, we look at the diverse array of nonprofits benefiting from renewable energy. Will your nonprofit be the next to go solar?

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Ohio earns an “A” for net metering policy

Net metering– which makes the “meter run backward”– is one of the best aspects of the renewable energy revolution. We take a moment to look at Ohio’s policy.

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Top 3 myths about solar power

MYTH #1: Solar power costs too much. FACT: Solar power frees up operating expenses for decades, and Community Renewable Energy utilizes powerful finance to minimize startup costs.

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This week in renewable energy: 9/27/13

Every Friday, Community Renewable Energy shares important clean energy developments– and some that are just plain cool. Here’s what we were reading this week.

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Community-building and solar power

Ninety low-income households across Southern California will have solar power systems installed at no cost as a result of a partnership between a nonprofit organization, GRID Alternatives, and a for-profit company, Sullivan Solar Power. For every new system Sullivan installs, they’ll donate … Continue reading

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Net Metering- the Entrepreneur’s Dream

Here at Praxia Partners, we are big proponents of net-metering policies. For those new to the idea of net metering- the policy allows homes that generate their own renewable energy to loop into the local energy grid, and deduct energy outflows … Continue reading

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Solar-powered schools shine

This post was originally published in Developing Green Communites and  Praxia Partners’ blog. According to Jim Carlton’s article in the Wall Street Journal The Enlightened Classroom, more than 500 k-12 schools in 43 states have installed solar panels, thus far. … Continue reading

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Mapping Solar Parity in the US

Originally published in Developing Green Communites. At what point will it be cheaper for Americans to use solar over traditional electricity? What is that tipping point? John Farrell over at Energy Self Reliant States has mapped out a prediction of … Continue reading

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Alcatraz Goes Green

“The Rock” is famous for being inescapable. But now it has a new claim to fame. It’s the newest success of the National Park Services and US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory joint effort to bring clean energy … Continue reading

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