The solar powered school-in-a-box

This post was originally published in Developing Green Communites.

Samsung has designed and is now building a 12-metre long shipping container with an array of gadgets including laptops, video cameras and 50 inch e- boards instead of blackboards. These portable schools have space for 21 students and connect to a central location- like the department of education to access other curriculum based content.  These schools-in-a-box can be carried by truck to remote areas, survive harsh weather conditions and operate even without electricity supply.

How, you might ask, could all of these gadgets run without saddling up to some power lines? Solar panels, of course. Foldaway solar panels power the classroom for up to 9 hours a day, and even over a full day without any sunlight at all- for those rainier seasons.

Samsung Electronics Africa has set a goal for themselves to positively impact 5 million lives by 2015. This seems like a pretty good step in the right direction. Read David Smith’s report to the Guardian about Samsung’s project here.

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