This week in renewable energy: 4/18/14

Every week, Community Renewable Energy shares important clean energy developments– and some that are just plain cool.

Here’s what we’ve been reading.

The big picture

  • Is climate change a form of violence? (The Guardian)
  • Marketplace covered the rise of solar in America. You can listen– just scroll to the end of the blog.
  • The New York TimesPaul Krugman broke down some of his thoughts after reading the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s most recent assessment:
        • “Other things equal, more G.D.P. tends to mean more pollution.”
        • “The climate change panel, in its usual deadpan prose, notes that ‘many RE [renewable energy] technologies have demonstrated substantial performance improvements and cost reductions’ since it released its last assessment, back in 2007.”
        • “It’s even possible that decarbonizing will take place without special encouragement, but we can’t and shouldn’t count on that. The point, instead, is that drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions are now within fairly easy reach.”

Community-owned solar

Shared solar and community-owned renewable power is growing in popularity across America and across the world.

  •  Joe Recchie's Community Renewable Energy on Ohio's net metering policyLa Plata Electrical Association in Colorado is moving ahead on four solar gardens. (Durango Herald)
  • The state of Washington may soon welcome its first community-owned solar garden. (Chelan News)
  • Ottowa, Canada is also welcoming a solar farm. (Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op)
  • This Australian community is rightly proud of its thriving shared solar. (Bega District News)
  • Edinburgh, Scotland is taking its own approach to community-based solar: the profits and savings from their solar panels will be funneled into projects to improve their community. (Edinburgh Reporter)

Global progress

  • This week, we shared the promise of micro-grids for rural electrification.
  • Ghana is investing in large-scale renewable projects. (Spy Ghana)
  • The Washington Post explains how Japan is turning to solar power in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
  • Latin America has been investing in solar power– especially Brazil, in preparation for the FIFA World Cup. (USA/China Daily)

What do you think was the most important renewable energy story this week? Share your insights and thoughts below or by email.

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