This week in renewable energy: 5/16/14

Every week, Community Renewable Energy shares important clean energy developments– and some that are just plain cool.

Here’s what we’ve been reading.

Global progress

  • Community Renewable EnergyThis week, we shared 5 Power Africa updates. In early June, investors from across the globe will convene in Addis Abeba for a ministerial energy conference. (All Africa)
  • Round Two of Power Africa off-grid energy challenge tackles the challenge of rural electrification. (IPP Media)
  • Germany has set yet another record– the country is producing nearly 3/4 of its energy from renewable sources. (Renew Economy)
  • Pakistan welcomed its first solar power park, which boasts 400,000 panels and will produce 1,000 MW of renewable energy by 2017. (Clean Technica)
  • The Philippines is investing in increasing its solar capacity. The Department of Energy “wants to allow more solar power development with guaranteed power rates in order to boost supply during summer and, since climate change means the El Niño phenomenon could strike anytime, during dry spells that make supply tight and demand high.” (Inquirer) 

Powering America

  • Shareable provides a list of alternatives to rooftop solar PV systems. They highlight the importance of community-owned, shared solar projects as well as smart investing.
  • Meanwhile, Forbes discusses how to install solar power in your home. The article notes: “Installing solar panels can decrease your household’s carbon footprint by an average of 35,180 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. You’d have to plant 88 trees every year to offset that amount of carbon dioxide!”
  • The US Army began construction on its largest solar power installation to date. The HNGN articles states:

    The Department of Defense is looking to have renewable energy make up at least 25 percent of its total energy use by 2025. […] Using solar power could also help the military avoid costs of transporting gasoline to remote locations around the world. In past years, it cost $400 per gallon to move gasoline to bases on Afghanistan.

  • Praxia Partners calls Ohio home, so we pay special attention to our state’s public policy. This week, Ohioans are urging lawmakers to restore renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. (Midwest Energy News)

Climate change

  • Climate change threatens humans, plants, and animals alike. Friday was Endangered Species Day, and Think Progress highlighted 5 at-risk species.
  • Climate change will drastically change the face of American agriculture. Check out charts care of Mother Jones and the National Climate Assessment.

What do you think was the most important renewable energy story this week? Share your insights and thoughts below or by email.

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