This week in renewable energy: 6/7/13

Every Friday, Community Renewable Energy shares important clean energy developments– and some that are just plain cool.

Here’s what we were reading this week.

Solar power, nonprofits, and social change

  • Courtesy of DOE NREL, credit, Robb Williamson

    Courtesy of DOE NREL, credit, Robb Williamson

    Habitat for Humanity in Japan kicked off its Solar Home Recovery Project, which connects individuals recovering from the 2011 tsunami with clean, affordable solar power. (Environmental Protection)

  • Students at the University of Virginia won the Change My Life in One Minute competition (for World Cerebral Palsy Day) with their solar-powered wheelchair. (Gizmag)

Public policy and state news

  • This week, California once again shattered its solar power records. (Business Wire)
  • North Carolina declared June Solar Energy Month. (News Observer)

Global progress

  • One Degree and Coca-Cola take solar power to rural Kenya. (Scientific American)
  • The UK leads Europe in large-scale solar power installations for 2013 (Solar Power Portal)
  • This Wednesday, India celebrated World Environment Day and its solar power progress (The Hindu)

What do you think was the most important solar power story this week? Share your insights and thoughts through comments on this blog or by email.

For news about sustainable community and economic development, visit Praxia Partners’ blog.

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