This week in renewable energy: 9/13/13

Every Friday, Community Renewable Energy shares important clean energy developments– and some that are just plain cool.

Here’s what we were reading this week.

Solar power in the Midwest 

  • A new study proves that Ohio’s renewable power standards are lowering the cost of utilities and cutting harmful carbon dioxide emissions. (Ohio Public Utilities Commission)
  • Ohio’s FirstEnergy utility company is seeking to purchase renewable energy credits (RECs), including 100 Solar RECs (SCRECs) generated in Ohio, 6,500 SRECs generated in Ohio or neighboring states, 120,000 RECs generated in Ohio, 145,000 RECs generated in or near Ohio. (Electric Light and Power)
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan is embracing community-owned solar power. (M Live)
  • Libertarians in Wisconsin are supporting solar power right alongside progressives and environmentalists. From their endorsement of Clean Energy Choice, via Midwest Energy News:

“On the matter of public utilities and their definitions, the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin recognizes that existing definitions and regulations can swiftly become obsolete as new technologies and service innovations come into existence. From our understanding, the Clean Energy Choice initiative seeks to clarify the legal status of contracts where a property owner grants an easement to a private company to build a small power station on their property. The LPWI is committed to the idea of free contract: individuals can do as they wish with their property provided they do not trespass on others. The LPWI encourages contracts among property owners, small on-site power providers and large off-site power providers, geared to their individual best interest as they define it without interference or distortion from government entities.”

Community solar and public good

  • Ten state facilities in Vermont will use solar power, lowering expenses (by $1 million!) and requiring no taxpayer money. (Brattleboro Reformer)
  • Check out a time lapse video of Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s community solar project.
  • The Tennessee Valley Authority has kicked off its community solar project. (Times Free Press)
  • Utilities are panicking over net metering, which allows individual households, solar cooperatives, and entire communities to benefit from solar power savings. (PV Tech)

Bright ideas

  • Solar power is the new hot upgrade for homes. According to the Bloomberg article, “Solar panels are the next granite countertops: an amenity for new homes that’s becoming a standard option for buyers in U.S. markets.”
  • Solar power is being used to purify water in areas without access to clean, healthy water sources. (MIT News)
  • The head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: “Solar is growing so fast it is going to overtake everything. […] That’s what is happening in solar. It could double every two years.” (Green Tech)
  • MS Turanor Planet Solar, the largest solar-powered boat (60 tons!) reached England this week. (CNN)

What do you think was the most important renewable energy story this week? Share your insights and thoughts below or by email.

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