Top 3 myths about solar power

MYTH #1: Solar power costs too much.

FACT: Solar power frees up operating expenses for decades, and Community Renewable Energy utilizes powerful finance to minimize startup costs.

Because solar power provides a lower, stable energy rate and requires little maintenance, the largest investment is required upfront. Traditional energy requires less startup costs, but the rates are ever-increasing and difficult to predict from month to month. With financial expertise like that possessed by principals of Community Renewable Energy, you can minimize or completely eliminate these startup costs and enjoy the benefits of solar power immediately. Community Renewable Energy will maintain your solar power system. In addition, systems are quiet, unobtrusive, and do not produce pollution, and last for decades.

MYTH #2: Solar power is only viable in California.

FACT: If you have unobstructed light from the south, east, or west, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Ohio or California, you can still shrink your energy bill and carbon footprint with solar power.

The Midwest, Northwest, and Northeast are good climates for solar power generation, because solar panels still produce energy when it’s cloudy or snowy, though production peaks on the sunniest days. In fact, Germany (hardly known for its sunny climes) is breaking solar power records and leading the global shift to renewable energy.

MYTH #3: Only giant corporations can afford solar power.

FACT: Solar power is not a luxury, it’s economic common sense.

Although large companies such as Wal-Mart and IKEA are increasingly switching to renewable energy, organizations of all sizes are going green. Businesses and nonprofits that are energy-intensive can immediately take control of their operating costs by locking in low and stable energy rates. Clean energy is the future for business, and the corporate giants no longer have a monopoly on the benefits of green innovation.

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