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Communities across America are discovering the advantages of community-owned renewable power. Today, I want to share a few of the most informative videos about exactly how community-owned solar works.

So, how does a community-owned array actually work? This 20-minute video details about how Colorado has developed large community-owned solar gardens. Paul Spencer discusses smart land use, real-time computer monitoring, and what motivates people to participate in a community solar project: “One, wanting to do the right thing environmentally, but also very tightly coupled with wanting to do the right thing financially.”

What role do community organizers have? The Solar Gardens Institute has a multi-part series designed for community organizers.

What does it feel like for a community to unveil their own renewable power project? From the UK, this brief video shows how exciting it is for a community to own their own shares of energy projects and keep the profits in their own community, not going out to utility companies across the country. (As one speaker put it, “The tip of that wind turbine is mine!”)

What role does education play in community-based renewable power? The US Department of Energy shares a video about how a town in Minnesota invested in renewable energy– and how the local college joined the push for sustainability. This video shows how even if the power project isn’t community-owned, the entire community can benefit from emphasizing energy independence and environmental responsibility.

What is energy democracy? The Center for Social Inclusion briefly reminds us that all communities benefit from community renewable power. I really like how they discuss “energy democracy,” and the idea that we all deserve a say in our energy future!

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